Making of - Photo shoot


Making of - Photo shoot

9:15 Hannover Central Station. The young model Cheyenne Ochsenknecht comes down the stairs from the platform with her manager Janine. Hair and make-up artist Stefan Desczyk has also arrived from Berlin and hurries to help her with her suitcase. Stylist Luisa Verfürth awaits them below to drive everyone to the location: Blue Studios.

In the large hall, we have spread out all of our 12 natural shades and 15 fashionable shades of extensions on a table, so that the stylist and the make-up artist can help themselves and create the looks for our advertising images.

10:00 Stefan starts doing Cheyenne's make-up and attaching her first pink extensions. Mischa films little tutorials for our Instagram page on how to attach or clip the extension to show how easy synthetic hair is to use.

11:00 The camera beeps for the first time. We're ready to go. Dieter Sieg is our photographer for the campaign. In consultation with Luisa and us, he kept the setting fairly clean.

Cheyenne wears a green trouser suit and delights us with her humour and her professionalism right from the first minute. Squinting, making faces, dancing - Natascha and Uwe Ochsenknecht's young daughter entertains the whole team. She wants to listen to black music - no problem!  The dancing starts straight away. Together with Luisa Verfürth, whose soles have separated from her trainers - the model is visibly amused. Everything is captured photographically. Dieter Sieg snaps one picture after another. Sometimes with her hands in her pockets, sometimes with them over her head. Stefan has braided the extensions into two loose, undone plaits.

Next comes a style with white shirt and jeans. One of our favourites, as it turns out later. Her hair falls loosely over her back and shoulders. We have combined four different pink and rosé shades on Cheyenne, letting them flow out of her natural hair like a balayage. A great look that you can easily create at home.

Then her hair is pinned up. Braiding her hair high at the back of her head, Stefan lets the green and turquoise extensions fade out not just in a balayage but into a chignon.

13:00 The food from Thai Food arrives in a box. It's what Cheyenne wanted. Her wish is our command. She is hungry. The spiciness brings colour to our faces. During the meal, Skirma - our second model for the day - shows up and starts getting made up by Stefan. We want to show on Skirma how you can give your hair beautiful volume with Extenssa. Stefan cuts the tips of Skirma's extensions with a knife and then uses a curling iron to put waves in her hair. Even though they are made of synthetic hair, it's no problem to style our hair with a curling iron up to 170 degrees.

14:00: Cheyenne puts on a long knitted dress with a coat over it for the last look - with net pumps and a new hairstyle, she flops down onto our beanbag filled with synthetic hair. Stefan has braided a plait in bluish metallic and grey shades into her hair at the front of her forehead. The stylist Luisa pairs a knitted cap with it without further ado.

15:00: Now it's Skirma's turn - wow, what a change. Stefan has added volume and length to her natural hair colour to go with a red velvet dress. She looks into Dieter's camera through her blue husky eyes. We are all blown away.

At around 16:00, it's over. Cheyenne and Stefan have to go to the station with Janine. Cheyenne even takes some pink extensions with her. "They'll go really well with my pink dress at the New Faces Award tomorrow". She is delighted. We are delighted. The photographer is delighted. See you soon!