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Our Story

At Extenssa we stand for high quality extensions - made in Europe.

Our idea was to create clip-on extensions made of synthetic hair that enable the wearer to change their hair colour, style, and look every day, choosing from a selection of 10 natural shades and 15 fashionable shades.

We wanted to create an alternative to very expensive, permanent extensions and with Extenssa we have developed fashion extensions that give the hair more length, more volume, and more colour without damaging it.

Our extensions are deliberately made of synthetic rather than real hair because this makes them more hygienic, odourless, easier to clean and, above all, very soft and smooth. They also break less than real hair and can be styled with a curling iron up to 170 degrees Celsius without problems.

Extenssa extensions can be used several times without problems thanks to their hand-sewn combs and only need to be taken out before going to sleep.

So that you can enjoy Extenssa for a long time, your favourite colour always comes in the combination of 2 * 3 different parts in our high-quality jewellery box with rose gold-coloured embossing, which is ideal for storing individual strands.

Extenssa lets you keep up with the constantly changing cutting edge of fashion, without having to commit to one colour, length, or volume long-term.

The variations of styling, up-dos, more length, more volume, or curly hair are virtually limitless, and we always provide up-to-date pictures and tutorials on our Instagram page under the name: extenssaluxurioushair.

Let yourself be inspired by the quality and variety of colours right from the very first clip!

Extra beautiful - Extenssa.